About the Company

Like Father

Pete has been in the business for over 15 years balancing his time between his insurance company, Schill Insurance Group, and Schill Landscape Group LLC. His desire to perfect every project he begins has shown brightly with his work at the Tree Farm Recreational Facility in Essex, which he has taken care of since the first day of inception, thirteen years ago. The 15 field soccer facility is home to several local soccer clubs, the state’s biggest tournaments, while also providing playing space for local rugby and lacrosse teams. Prior to starting his own insurance company Pete graduated from Iowa State with an Agricultural degree. After a stint in the Navy he owned his own dairy farm in Underhill learning the ins and outs of all the machinery it takes to be successful.

Like Son

Blake began his landscaping career in his childhood days at his house in Colchester from his father learning how to drive a tractor at the age of 5. From there it progressed into residential lawns gaining clients from neighborhood to neighborhood. Now he has a crew that works under him, as he oversees all of the residential and commercial clients from spring clean ups, mulching, stone work, lawn renovations, shrub installations, and garden bed configuration. With a desire to continue to provide excellence in landscaping along with a growing customer base, he strives to give his customer everything they want and more. A graduate of Saint Michael’s college with a degree in business and finance, it has allowed the father and son partnership to prosper into a premier landscaping company within the community.